BLUE CAT ALERT: An Easter Warning

Exhibit A. "Fluffy."

Be warned: in what appears to be yet another manifestation of the Cult of Mr. Bun-Bun, blue cats are appearing all over the Tri-State Area. (The above one just smiled and vanished.) NOTE: If you pet them, your hand will look normal while petting, but if you stop, your hand will turn blue and the cat will look up at you and wonder, "Why did you stop? Can't you pet me FOREVER?" And THEN, you will pet the blue cat forever with your blue hand... kinda like a djinn, but with more tonic.

Da-da is now going to flog himself for such a terrible joke. However, it was Da-da's only line...

Bunbunettes...bunbuneers?... ready themselves for the Easter invasion.

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