Da-da vs. The Alien Fridge Monster

So long, you near-sentient mold monster/energy hog.

Da-da recently replaced his aging 1984 Kenmore refrigerator with a fairly pedestrian -- but Energy Star-rated -- Maytag, chosen primarily because it was the ONLY fridge that would fit the weirdo space in Da-da's kitchen. Da-da's plan was to save moolah on his power bill, so he also replaced all the lighting inside the thing with inexpensive LEDs and... Da-da cut his power bill in half. Yup. One half. And Da-da HATES paying the electric company their artificially rate-hiked hikeyiness. Da-da has also replaced all major lightbulbs in the house with LEDs, as well as all the damn dimmer switches (rheostats chew electricity), where applicable, saving even more. Current power bills are a third of what they were when Da-da first got the house.

The appliance salesman tried to talk Da-da into, "THE REFRIGERATOR OF THE FUTURE," but the thing was clearly invented by alien engineers without children.

Um, how long till every toy is inside this thing, along with the cat's lifeless (but fresh!) body?
About two seconds. And how exactly does Da-da clean the mold outta that green alien goo?
Obviously designed by a young alien bachelor who eats out a lot.

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