Of Goat Cleanliness, Rapturian Moments of Inertia, and Donuts LEFT BEHIND


Something is just plain wrong with our Emergency Rapture System... at least for humans. Turkeys and piggies and fish (see above) are currently styling with dodos and dinosaurs, spiritually. However, in regards to the Human Rapture Proper -- which was supposed to occur... well, five months ago, and then either last week or this week, who knows -- but should The Rapture finally strike, this blog thing will be officially unDa-da'ed, 'cause Da-da's elbowed his way to first in line for that big drive-in concession stand in the sky. No, really. God called and said that little 'goat-in-the-dishwasher' incident was no big deal. Lots of people do that. Alas, Da-da fears he got Left Behind AGAIN, this time with all of these jelly donuts. And clean goats.

Hi. I'm clean now. Where's my donut?


Bibi said...

So, Da-Da, are you like 7th Day Adventist with all this recurring 'rapture' thing?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da's more of a 47th Day Adventist, where on the 47th Day we all get frozen yogurt and a pennant with Spock on it. Factually, it seems everyone around Da-da, where he grew up, had RAPTURE fear on the brain, so how could Da-da not make fun of it? He can't. Da-da is weak.

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