WHOA: Foley's "Sister" is... a Sandy Hook "Actor"??

This from Realist News.

The fact that the Powers That Were missed this little continuity error should tell you something about them.

Anyone recall Da-da's post of 8/24/14, "Duper's Delight"? Delving into the fakery associated with the mock American journalist beheading? Here it is again.

HOW can these people live their lives this way? And WHY would you ever believe anything you see on TV ever again? It's all one big staged lie. Always was. Now we have proof. This means that EVERYTHING you see is staged, in one way or another. Turn it off. Turn Washington, DC off. Turn the Fed off.

Turn off. Tune in. Drop the other shoe. 


Unknown said...

I have a really really hard time with this one. Been an irregular Dadda reader for a while, and I do dearly love the rabbit holes and esoterica. But, a very good friend of mine lost her daughter at Sandy Hook. I have a daughter the same age.
The humans, using the label quite liberally, that shove aside such horrific loss to promote a warped individual agenda do not deserve attention, airtime, or notice. Or oxygen.
You are better than this.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da understands the sensitivity of this, but the mounting evidence is tough to ignore. The quite obvious fact that THAT IS AN ACTOR starring in two primetime tragedies is impossible to ignore. Da-da has no warped individual agenda, or any agenda at all. He just likes the truth, and distrusts the media, not to mention our entire lying culture. It's entirely possible that people died, but the Powers That Were hired actors to increase the PR value.

A Man Called Da-da said...

And then there's this:


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