This is Not a Test

Just a friendly update from the Light Custodians who recently arrived, turned the lights on and... man, what a mess... but at least now they know where the messes are and are getting stuff cleaned out, pretty quickly, too. Here's their message:
Hello. From now on, no one on or around this little blue ball will be allowed to entertain ideologies that create separation. No more black and white differences, no more us and them, rich and poor, jew and gentile, religious and pagan, giants and dodgers, less fillings and taste greats. From this moment on, you are ALL less filling, and you ALL taste great. You are all perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released. Don't fight it. The light is on and you're all home.
If this had been an actual separation event, you would have felt enraged and superior, and might have felt it necessary to foment fear and anger, broadcasting guilt in your general area. Stand down and take a deep breath, let it out slowly... relax and repeat. 

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