VIDEO: Hitler's Nose Seen Flying Over Germany

AIIEIE! Achtung! Das ist SUPERAFFENNASE! (which means, "Super Monkey Nose," which Da-da just coined)

This just in... Hitler's nose has returned from whatever interdimensional nasal nether region it's been nosing around, and is flying pell-mell over Germany! Ach, der Nieser! Authorities have no idea what the nose smells like, but the bad german puns are sending them into a Project Paperclip pretzel.

Achtung! Nase Party! Achoo!

DOES THIS MEAN THE RISE OF A NEW NEO-NASE PARTY?? (Um, "nase" is german for "nose," just in case you thought Da-da misspelled Nazi.)

The neo-nase party notwithstanding, Hitler's mustache is STILL AT LARGE and is considered extremely dangerous, at least as a fashion accessory, or perhaps as an entreaty into RAMPANT CAPITALIZATION.

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