Enter the Dadamobile

Behold the new Dadamobile:
Measuring 11 feet, 4 inches long and 8 feet high, this crazy ride uses go-kart brakes and axles and recycled bike parts to get you on the road. Apparently those outer rims are parts of a drainage pipe, so you know it's nice and sturdy.
Sure, it's pedal powered, so it's not going to go that fast. But with four people all working together, I'll bet you could still get up to a decent clip. And just look at it! You'd certainly be a unique presence out there on the road.
 Love the lawn chairs, but why is there a fire extinguisher on the back? And how do you get in? I can barely get in and out of bed anymore, but that's mostly because of the armor. (It's a long story.)

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