A Pillar of Light Runs Through It [UPDATES2]

Anyone recall Da-da mentioning something about "Pillars of Light"? This is one. In Michigan. And no, it's not part of a power plant explosion, though the authorities will probably say things like that. This is only the beginning -- and it's a good thing, so relax. However, it should be noted that... THAT'S A LIGHT BEING. An entity. A highly placed one. They're not exactly ETs, though they do come from somewhere else. They're coming here for something special, what they call, "The Big Show." Anyway, here are Da-da's previous 'Pillars of Light' posts:

Yes, Da-da knows these are caused by ice crystals.

[UPDATE1: Lynn the Internet Oracle has also written about this today, HERE.]

[UPDATE2: Talk about fresh reports -- Da-da's had a report from HIS MOTHER (!) of a Pillar of Light in an unpopulated area in northern Idaho. Note that Da-da's mother has NEVER seen anything weird, save Da-da's father.]


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I have heard this gunshot/sonic boom sound in my old house before. What is a Gaia Portal?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Jury is still out on that. Do a google search for it. Da-da is living the investigation and will let you know once he himself knows!

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