The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery SOLVED? [PART 1]

Why does Da-da feel like he's going to be asked to go here?

Time to solve a 115-year-old mystery? Da-da tried, but his explorations just deepened the mystery -- and frankly made Da-da a little nervous to go on. Whole books have been written about The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery, where three lighthouse keepers simply vanished in mid-December of the year 1900. Da-da would love to tell you that this mystery is solved, but... well, Da-da may have just made matters worse. Almost for fun, he asked two psychics what happened. He wasn't all that thrilled with what he found out.

First, let's recap the details via this excellent write-up at the blog, Unsolved Mystery:

The Disappearance at Eilean Mor Lighthouse

The Outer Hebrides island chain off the western coast of Scotland is one of the most remote locations in the world, bedrock formed of ancient metamorphic rock home to the Carloway Broch, and Loch Nessand its famous monster. The Flannan Isles, also known as the Seven Hunters, are seven uninhabited islands on the western-most edge of the chain; and in December 1900, the largest of these — Eilean Mor (Gaelic for “Big Island”) — became the site of an unsolved mystery when three lighthouse keepers vanished without any apparent explanation.The Atlantic Ocean off the Flannan Isles is rough and treacherous. So many ships had been lost there that in 1895, a lighthouse was finally built on Eilean Mor – an undertaking of considerable logistical difficulty as the building materials had to be hauled up a 150 foot cliff (45 meters.) Once construction was finished, three lighthouse keepers were installed: head keeper James Ducat, first assistant Thomas Marshall, and second assistant Donald McArthur. All three men were seasoned veterans of the storms; Ducat, 43, had over 20 years experience at lighthouse keeping, while Marshall and McArthur were both seamen.The keepers worked on a rotating watch of 14 days; food and supplies were brought to them as weather permitted. In mid-December, one of the three was due to return to the mainland for a break, to be replaced by a keeper named Joseph Moore.

The lighthouse had been operating for little over a year when on December 14, 1900, a tremendous storm waylaid the Scottish coast, battering the Eilean Mor lighthouse and surrounding countryside. The very next evening, December 15, Captain Holman, skipper of the SS Archer sailing nearby, noted that the Eilean Mor lighthouse had gone dark and reported this to the nearest shore station by Morse code.

Stormy weather began churning the seas again the very next day. It wasn’t until one day after Christmas that the weather calmed sufficiently to allow the SS Hesperes to land Joseph Moore on the island for his replacement shift. The keeper who he was slated to replace was supposed to be waiting for him on the island’s east landing. But no one waited at the jetty which Moore noted had been terribly damaged by the storms.

Panicked, Moore ran to the lighthouse. There he found the ashes of a cold fireplace and an upended chair as though the person sitting in it had stood up very quickly. On the kitchen table sat a half eaten meal of salted mutton and potatoes. Missing was a toolbox, and two sets of oilskins and boots belonging to James Ducat and Thomas Marshall. The final entry in the logbook, recorded by James Ducat at 9am on December 15, read, “Storm ended, sea calm. God is over all.”

No other signs of the missing men were ever found.

When Moore and the Hesperes crew explored the island, they found that even more damage had been sustained by the windward side of the island. The jetty was twisted; the ropes and jibs of the platform used to hoist supplies scattered about; the iron staircase on the side of the cliff twisted and misshapen.

An official investigation launched into the disappearance of the lighthouse keepers concluded that the men might have taken advantage of the break in the weather to explore the damage on the western side of the island. There they may have been swept away by a giant wave. But that conclusion doesn’t explain the signs of hurried leave-taking found in the men’s living quarters.

Various interpretations were offered. Perhaps one of the men had been driven mad by the inclement weather and had turned on his colleagues, before hurling himself in the ocean. Perhaps mold had grown in the men’s food, poisoning it with a hallucinogenic substance.
Local inhabitants offer another explanation.

Eilean Mor was once a Viking outpost, and a ghostly Viking longboat was said to haunt the local seas. Indeed, the crew of the Fairwin – one of the vessels sent out to investigate why the lighthouse had gone out on December 15 – reported seeing a ghostly longboat on that night, crewed by warriors with faces the color of bone: Three men in oilskin raingear were rowing that boat. Could the lighthouse keepers have run afoul of ancient ghosts?
Whatever the truth, the mysterious disappearance of the Eilean Mor lighthouse keepers remains one of Scotland’s most enduring mysteries.

And with that, perhaps it should stay a mystery.

Enter the Psychics

Scores of theories and books have been presented over the years on this mystery, yet nothing has come to light to even begin to explain what happened -- that is, until now.

Before Da-da reviewed the psychics' findings, his first thought was that the lighthouse crew had indeed accidently ingested some contaminated food, as was assumed in the infamous Le Pain Maudit ("Cursed Bread") Mystery where the entire French village of Pont-Saint Esprit went mad, before it was discovered to have been a CIA LSD experiment. But the psychics' findings were more mysterious, if not equally sinister.

Having spent years vetting various sensitive folks (no one seems to like the term "psychic" much), Da-da asked two very talented psychics to help solve the Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery. Da-da's questions were simple: What happened to the lighthouse keepers of Eilean Mor? Is there something historically strange about that piece of land?

Psychic #1:
Eerie. The weather is calm. Guys out of their minds, mad. Sweating, hallucinating, like something is chasing them. They jumped off the cliff, into the water and died. The land is cursed? Something underneath is dark, energetically wrong. Some negative force radiates out and causes people to go crazy. Hallucinations, fear, panic, anything negative. Like water dripping, it starts small, then escalates into something huge in the mind.
Psychic #2:
I see someone being chased by bees... only there are no bees. It's all in their mind. They're waving at nothing, running, terrified. Something... some kind of dark energy from below is making them crazy. They jump into the water... gone.
But that's not all the psychics had on this topic. Da-da will save that for later.


Da-da doesn't mean to be coy, here. This information may beg the insertion of a brave team of researchers and psychics to actually spend some quality time on Eilean Mor, but that may not be as necessary as one would think. Da-da has an idea of what may have caused this particular mania which he learned about in other research... but he's going to save that for Part Two, as it's so bizarre and unbelievable -- and frankly a little terrifying -- as to warrant it's own post. Factually, Da-da would prefer NOT to write about this, as he doesn't want people poking around this particular... thing. Yes, even Da-da has trouble with this one. How's that for mysterious?

Da-da certainly didn't expect this result. He meant this post to begin 2015, but after viewing the findings and follow-up, he's been dragging his feet about writing it up, as it literally dredges up a huge and ancient and mythic can of worms with big nasty teeth that precious few responsible adults want brought to the surface. There may not be a Part 2. Some questions don't need to be answered until certain societies have grown up a bit, and this may be one of them. What the world needs now is indeed love. And restraint.

Some mysteries might need to stay mysteries.


Casey said...

Man, you totally rock! And I'm sorry to use such an insipid descriptor, but there it is. Also, thanks for Lynn's photos. I had never heard of the SA obelisk, though I know Dr. Brown and Co. at Farsight are looking into a bunch of undersea anomalies.

I still would like to get titles for your books.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Don't worry, you will. Da-da will send you an email.

And wasn't that obelisk thing wild?! The Navy must've known about that for quite some time. Talk about a humbling experience!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your site.
Wonder what a "remote view" of the Eilean Mor lighthouse could add to this story.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Can't wait to find out what RV has to offer here. Da-da wonders if it's possible that each psychic/RVer views *their own* particular timeline, and not necessarily that of others. We're still working that one out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Da-da,
I've learned of you via Lynn's blog and as one who enjoys the wonder and absurdity of life, both normal and paranormal (I have a 3-year old...), your views are, in some way, reassuring. I reside in one of those NW tri-states and have some, ahem, interesting images of clouds... I wonder if sending them to you for a Friday photo reading might be a good, objective way to get Lynne to have a look at them (or let you judge if they are too boring to even consider).
Let me know if you'd like to see them.
Nice use of language (written) by the way; I'm a fan (and I may just be revealing clues to my age, ha!).

A Man Called Da-da said...

Thank you for the nice words. How many images are we talking about?

Rachel said...

Hi there,
I found your blog while engaging in my curiosity about this particular mystery... and I've dug all around and can't locate your Part 2 on this -- I'm very intrigued to know what else your gifted colleagues saw regarding this place and these men, and what you glean from that.
Thanks Da-da!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Mmm, Da-da's not writing Part 2 until our society grows up -- a lot. It involves some THINGS that you do not want unleashed. Trust Da-da on this.

If you knew where a 1000-foot-tall living Frankenstein was buried, would you dig it up?

Unknown said...

I'm really curious to know about part 2

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about part 2 too. Donald was a relative of mine our family has thought his mother was a Selkie. Her husband died before her so we guessed she found her skin and headed back to the sea. We surmised he turned to drink and was a heavy drinker after finding out about his mum and her constant call for her sons to join her. My great great grandfather moved to Perthshire in the centre of the country equidistant from both the Atlantic and the North Sea. We just assumed she came and took him and the other two tried to stop him and died in the storm. The lighthouse log book has some other interesting entries.

Anonymous said...

Why start something your not prepared to finish?. Society is made up of individual components and not all are pitiful as you imagine. If you claim to know whats good for them and it isn't the truth, join the psychotic misrepresentations, secrecy and outright lies of our sick despotic leadership we're to decent to shoot. You've got dollar signs in your eyes like all the other suckers sold on evils sharpest weapon.
The MASs ONnicos keep secrets for own good too, they then infect every hall of power wealth and control and their chequered hat bands adorn every flatfoots nut as his truncheon beats a 12 yo girl across the skull or blows an innocent Brazilian tourist life away, all the time screaming their own virtues of making good men better, and secrecy is good as they work for the a Global Super state on behalf of a dynasty of Coburg psychopaths.
I just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading drivel to be finally be told by some kid I'm not mature enough to know what he does as he tells us what the world needs. Good I won't come back.

A Man Called Da-da said...

What the world needs? Drivel? Sorry, friend, but it's irresponsible at this stage to divulge what I know as certain insane cabal freaks would invariably try to use it to kill you and use the death energy to fuel their ridiculous black magic. Wake up and smell the world you live on.

I don't do this for money, you simpleton. This blog is FREE. Feel free to stay away if you don't like it.

Pathphinder said...

This was really kewl. I did some research and have a whole new outlook on this area. I won't say who the entity is. You (Da-da) chose not to, I will honor your choice. I was surprised though. Thought it would be someone of a group I would align with, It wasn't...

A Man Called Da-da said...

You're confusing this one with something else. It's not an entity.

Pathphinder said...

If it was created, that would indicate Daemon or Egregore or something similar. From what I "got" it is the only one on the island but not in existence. I will leave it at that. If I keep pondering on it I would eventually want to locate its "source" and it is obtainable...

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