Da-da Dreams: The Light End of the Stick [UPDATED 1-6-15]

Da-da is not a psychic or a medium, but he knows lots of psychics and mediums, giant mustaches notwithstanding. He also happens to live on a highly anomalous piece of property that for all intents and purposes is what some term a, "Gaia Portal." Trust Da-da on this. Da-da calls it, "Spook Central."

Anyway, living in a house on this kind of energetic thing tends to change one (and make children extra crazy), in many ways. It also allows access to all kinds of bizarre and exotic bugaboos... which occasionally latch on to a person if they don't know what they're doing. [The Chair recognizes Da-da in the back row.] Most importantly for Da-da, all this energy influences his dreams, and those of his family. They also disrupt these dreams with actual, physical, atmospheric energy discharges that sound like a gunshot... usually in the middle of the night.

Without going too much into the backstory, as Da-da's putting it all into his next book, Da-da's been having vivid and dramatic dreams and visions... which Da-da typically doesn't have. Note: Da-da is NOT a psychic, but he is willing to learn.

Case in point, Da-da's had two recent dreams which are of interest:

The above is an eyewitness account of a massive, "sky battle" that took place shortly after dawn, in Nuremberg, 1561.

1. The "Big Show"
Da-da was outside, in a large crowd, and there were glowing white UFOs zooming all over an unsettled sky, chasing each other through a kind of stormy cloud layer while some people watched, others ignoring it. He noticed a kind of glowing force field high up in the atmosphere that the UFOs were darting in and out of. You could see its frequency ripples expanding through the field across the sky, like rocks dropped in water. Then orange/blue cracks appeared in the field as the UFOs’ activity increased, breaking up the barrier, allowing the sky to become clear in spots. Da-da had just raised his camera to record some of then when two very large and bright comets raced in, and… well, and then Godzilla wandered across the dream, which Da-da thinks was a joke by whoever was showing him this.

Then Da-da and his family crossed a street, wet after a storm; it looked to be hard to cross, but his wife just darted across, so he thought, “Oh! This is easy!” and he joined her and his kids as they ran on to what might've been a theme park in the distance. No one was afraid in the dream, and there were no disaster elements. The entire UFO sky experience was called, “The Big Show.” 
Another view of the Nuremberg sky phenomena from 1561.

2. The Event
This instance was not a dream, it was more of a vision during a meditation. Da-da was awakened every night for nearly two weeks, his heart racing, feeling that something was trying to communicate with him. This occurred about a month prior to the above dream, and is actually a series of meditations. For whatever reason, something (probably Da-da himself) was keeping Da-da from getting what someone was trying to tell him, so this was difficult to receive and involved physical discomfort, as something reeeeally wanted Da-da to know about this, prior to its happening, but Da-da simply wasn't ready to receive the message. It also involved a trip to the Emergency Room, as Da-da misunderstood what was going on, physically, but that's another story. Anyway, the message came through in bits and pieces for a while before finally coming through clearly all at once, after a period of some kind of transition.

In the vision, Da-da saw an enormous light event, like an explosion or breakthrough -- blue and orange lights pulsing at the edge of something, like a huge ship or perhaps the edges of an explosion -- and then he saw beautiful, incredibly tall pillars of light going from ground-to-sky. Da-da then heard: "Tall Pillars for Christmas.”

In subsequent meditations, the pillars of light appear to be portals to... well, the same place you are but at a higher frequency, if that makes sense. Da-da saw the pillar terminate right in front of his house. He walked into it as an experiment, and found himself... in the same place, only better. Like a new earth. 

In terms of the latter vision, these phenomena have been observed and recorded all over the world:

These light phenomena, seen in Latvia, are apparently caused by a certain shape of ice crystal.

Here's a daylight variant, again from Latvia.

Here's the same thing in Canada...

...and Alaska.

The origin of this bolt of energy, photographed in Japan, is a complete mystery.

Here's a compilation of three separate shots from Japan.

And then there's this one from Guatemala. This has been reported many times.

What Da-da saw was a combination of these images. The pillar of light was constant, not a momentary flash. It lasted a long time, long enough for it to be seen as an undeniable reification of who we really are.

UPDATE 1-6-15: We have our first pillars-of-light dream echo.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics, but the mayan one looks a fake/photoshop.

I remeber your last post, was about the reset, well nothing happend last time.

Now its about a "light", according to COBRA (i saw your post there) is coming a light/pulse from the center of the galaxy okay...the question is..will be visible? and, WHEN?

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