ENTER the (FAT) Doorway... OF THE FUTURE!

A Krell doorway from, "Forbidden Planet." The Krell, a million years ahead of humans,
were big-time parents -- esp. during the holidays... if you catch Da-da's drift.

If you go into any old house or ancient dwelling, you might notice that the rooms are pretty small -- and the doorways even smaller. What does this mean? It means that our ancestors were SMALLER than most of us (except for the rotund ruling class which hung out atop pyramids, much like they do today).

So, take a look at doorways today. Bigger, right? Perhaps the product of a few too many holiday boxes of Sees candy (mmmm, Sees candy). NOW, project that out 100,000 years and you get... Krell doorways!

Having recently come from a parental holiday get together, Da-da noticed that more than half of those parents assembled looked twice as old, twice as tired, and twice as W I D E as they had the year previous. But that's ok, future-vogue-architectural help is on the way!

The doors inside Da-da's house are reinforced and READY.

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