ALERT: Da-da saw, "earthquake lights," like the ones above, over the San Andreas fault at 1:45 pm PDT in Northern CA. This might presage a quake within 1-2 hrs. Da-da hopes he's wrong. Note: Da-da's an old hand at spotting sundogs and other sky phenomena, so he knew that the angle was wrong for such an obvious explanation.

UPDATE1: There was a magnitude 2.7 quake about 50 mi. from Da-da 30 minutes before, so hopefully that was it. EQLs can occur before/after, apparently. There was also a magnitude 6.8 quake in Mexico 12 hours later, but that was a thousand miles away. We're still learning the impact of EQLs. 

UPDATE2: Prior to the most recent 6.0 quake in Northern CA, Da-da did NOT see earthquake lights... as he was asleep. He did however have a dream of Homer Simpson drinking a light beer. This can never be good.

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