Yet Another Shout for The Sandworm Party

We need to be everywhere these days.

A guy commenting on this Guardian article, about Treasury secretary Jack Lew demanding action on raising the debt ceiling yet again, responded so well and so accurately that Da-da, the Founder of The Sandworm Party, feels compelled to report the comment in its entirety:
rawheaderex4488 said:

the republicans and democrats are basically the same party. The independent party are so few that they have no influence. The political scheme is to idolize their major donors which are the rich and mega rich while totally lying about their donors ethics being totally corrupt. The republicans and the G.O.P. have to put on a good act to fool the right wing idiots. The working poor have absolutely no say in the matter, and in fact the paid social security funds are being now robbed by both democrats and republicans. The corporations are pressuring the powers that be into believing that corporate welfare being paid in trillions are the fault of the paid social security benefits are dead beats while its the crook banks and the crook corporation that Obama and all politicians are stealing through the off shore cayman islands S corporation. Still 65 billion dollars per month is being stolen by the federal reserve and the treasury department to lend the totally corrupt corporations include the government corporation called the military industrial complex( private corporation with government funded contracts). The corrupt U.S. government and their corrupt corporations are bankrupting the U.S.A., and then trying to blame the working poor that have done enough to give their last survival money to the stinking rotten government with it crony capitalism, and their totally unethical and totally corrupt corporations. All of them are colluding to steal America totally blind and lie so slick and elaborately. This is why the USA is being destroyed by the republicrat crooks. All of them!

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