Da-da's Day

Da-da loves the day of the Big Game, as he has the whole world to himself. Inside, everyone's watching overrated TV commercials framing jingoistic moments on the field, everyone's eating salty junk and guzzling beer and reveling in the misdirection and separation. Yes, while you're inside watching some silly game,  Da-da is OUTSIDE reveling in the quiet, in the complete lack of crowds or mental programming. On Superbowl Sunday, or any other Big Game Day where people are plugged into the machine, you can go out into the world of nature and hear those things normally covered up in mass transportation and mass distraction. You know: wind, trees, birds, the ocean, a quiet forest, a meadow. The mental programming of the Big Game can't compete with the whole world as it once was, and barely remains. It's not even close.

[Note1: Da-da recorded and watched the KITTEN BOWL, which was best with the sound OFF unless you had an affinity for awful cat jokes and lifeless commentary. Even with the sound off, kittens are more entertaining than enormous adults and huge sums of money and old bad ideas smashing into one another. It's not even close.

KITTEN BOWL note: next year, use cat trees and sensitive microphones on the field and eliminate the washed-up celebrity patter and the referee. It was embarrassing. Cats and their noises are infinitely more compelling.]

[Note2: Da-da saw his shadow this morning, btw. Buckle up, Timmy. ]

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