"Accents of the British Isles"?

Know how to match a blog post with the perfect pic? UNDERPANTS.
Wait... no, it's PLANNING. Why did Da-da just ululate, "UNDERPANTS?"

Hi. Would any of you happen to have Peter Seller's LP, "Accents of the British Isles"? Da-da foolishly failed to buy it for $49.99 in 1982 (that was a British metric tonne back then). He would pay for a rip!

NOTE: FYI, Da-da was interested in the entire album, not merely the snippets you find here and there on YouTube and on "Best Of" albums. He has his doubts that he'll be able to secure a copy.


alanborky said...

Didn' know there was such an album mate so good luck with that.

You tried all the offline and online Album Sellers?

Failing that all the offline and online Peter Sellers?

Bum bum!

Failing THAT howsabout reaching out to your evil/good twin the multilingual historian and scholar Dr Beachcoming


who's not only a Brit who's taught at university level in America and currently in Italy but who as a peerless observer and collector of trivial treasures particularly British related ones may just be able to help you out or give you a good steer in that direction.

alanborky said...

ps if you succeed in acquiring said album by advertising your need on your blog does this mean you'll have to change your name to Ad-ad?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da's been called worse things.

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