Yes, It's a Da-da Advisory

Future parents take their child to The Cheesecake Factory, c. 2029.

Da-da was in a restaurant last night and saw a five-year-old kid being led out of said establishment BY WIRES -- the wires and power supply carried by grandparents, the wires connecting the kid's head to headphones and the iPad he was staring at like some creature out of DUNE. Welcome to Da-da's Tipping Point. Be advised: if Da-da sees you walking around the outside world like this...

...he WILL kick you in the butt. Or trip you into a wedding cake. Because, like love, kicking people -- people making silly ontological mistakes -- in the butt (metaphorically, or literally) is always the right response, and has been for 13 billion years.

Also be advised: if Da-da sees a kid walking around the outside world like this...

...he'll kick the parents in the butt. Legions of attorneys are already circling Da-da.

NOTE: re-reading this post has reminded Da-da that he needs to be seen reading ACTUAL BOOKS in front of his children, and not just laptop screens. Leading by example and all that.

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