Da-da's Notes From Aboveground: All Things Explicit... (or, "IMPLICIT IS THE NEW BROWN")

Say, is that a uterus on your shoulder, or are you just glad to see Da-da?

Ok, New Years and all that, so let's get right to some insousciant soapboxing. Everyone ready?

Da-da finds all things explicit quite boring. (Though not all things non sequitur-explicit; there's a difference.) This of course rows against the polluted populist stream, saturated as it is -- nay, RIFE -- with explicit language, prawn (that is, "pron"; homonyms are fun), near-prawn, fear-prawn, anger-prawn, revenge-prawn, chicken-prawn on a stick, etc. (See? There's non sequitur-explicit in action. Neat, huh?) Being obvious with language and images is just so damn obvious.

[Puts more soap into box.]

Explicit content is unimaginative and, well... LAZY. Uncreative. Like using CAPITAL LETTERS to make your point. Indeed, explicit content takes little imagination and glorifies lowest-common-denominator laziness, and rarely starts sentences with, "indeed," much to its detriment. Indeed. It's easy to titillate with a uterus on your shoulder.

Perhaps a return to scantily clad prose and images might be more satisfying than existing nuclear blast flavorage. Like most journeys within, the implicit is somehow more satisfying and thought-provoking. Just a thought. Soapboxing deactivated. Please pass the giant naked prawns.

See? Isn't this more satisfying and thought-provoking?
And yes, that's Anne Bancroft on the left.

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