Your Heliomancer for Sunday, March 1st, 2015

For those who believe that techno-heliomancy -- divination via satellite images of the sun -- has merit (Da-da doesn't), check out Sunday's view from the SDO satellite. This latest looks like one half of a maniacal smiley face, whatever that means, or is that Brother J defeating some creepy horned thing? Sure looks like smiting to Da-da, and he's an expert.

Now, since our world is actually upside-down...

...give THIS angle a look. Is that an axe up there? Is the Cabal gonna get it? Or is that some old lady hitting the top-hatted Monopoly guy with her purse? Do old women hit people with purses anymore? As usual, your guess is as good as your guess. But something's definitely up. March is gonna be one wacky month, Da-da can feel it. And 2015 will not only be the Year of the Levitating Sheep, but also the stuff of legend. Keep seatbelts buckled loosely while we're hurtling through the ether.

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