Wobble Update for 3-7-15 @ 00:41 Eastern [UPDATED 3-13-15]

For those who know what this means, the wobble is currently averaging ~1500 miles, though the time element is still tough to nail down; above it's eight hours. As Da-da looks at the latest data at the time of this post -- 20 minutes later than the latest image above -- magnetic north has dropped even closer to North America. This may mean colder temperatures than normal... unless the planet suddenly wobbles the other way. [shrug] Still trying to get a handle on predicting this. Note: red dot indicates current magnetic north.

Oh, still don't believe? Try THIS. If you can't listen to Inuit Elders, there's little hope for you.

UPDATE 3-13-15: To all of you (and it's a lot) who asKed for Da-da to do this every day, twice a day... it wouldn't do any good. The wobble is completely unpredictable. The earth is reacting to a plethora of moving magnetic fields, not to mention hurtling through space with a bunch or weird stuff inside her and crazy humans on the surface, amidst a zillion spinning space things and energies and unicorns and electric bunnies... it's a world gone mad. The wobble has actually calmed a little over the past week (well, not really), but if it starts jumping more than the above, Da-da will let you know. Jeez, what is Da-da, the cosmic weather man?

If it gets foggy outside and you see things like this in the fog, don't answer the door.


A Man Called Da-da said...

Actually, it seems to be wobbling *clockwise* with the earth's spin, though some days are worse than others. Be interesting to see if it's affecting sunrise and sunset times.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up.

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