Be sure you go in the right end.


Casey said...

I still don't see how I can read your books if I don;t know their titles. Are you an academic, i.e., teach in a university writing program that would frown on your "outside" activities? I don't see why you would mention a new book coming out if there is no simple way to know even a title.

And how about some more pics from Lynn the Oracle.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Sorry, my new book is delayed a bit. It was supposed to be out on the 11th, which is why Da-da was being coy, but it's delayed a bit. My apologies. Don't worry, very soon, all will be revealed.

Btw, there is a particularly good Five for Friday pic set for tomorrow -- as well as a rather disturbing post on my site, Third Person be damned.

Uh oh. Da-da's hands are vibrating. That means something's going to happen, maybe tomorrow? Da-da's life is weirder than you could possibly imagine.

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