36 Signs of the Pun Store Apocalypse

"Hello, Pun House. EYE am listening."

Marketing continues to be the primary way mankind differentiates itself from the animals, except for the invention of cheesewiz and Doogie Howser. Oh, and all that murder and mayhem stuff. Keeping pace with this irresolute pacelessness, below please find 36 exhuberant examples of pun store names -- which Da-da was going to make a regular feature on TOAMCD, but this guy at TANKS A LOT beat Da-da to it, the magnificent bastard. However, Da-da does maintain his own collection, as you'll soon see. 

Da-da's apologies in advance for the size of this graphic-heavy post.

36. Grate Expectations

35. The Dirty Hoe

34. The Whole Tooth

33. Merchant of Dentist

32. The Merchant of Tennis

31. 16 Handles

30. British Hairways

29. Sign Diego

28. Nautical But Nice

27. Corn Star

26. Fishcotheque

25. Storm in a D Cup

24. The Cone Ranger

23. Kimono My House

22. Let It Bead

21. Let It Bleed

20. Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom

19. Bread Zeppelin

18. It's Curtains for You

17. Mustard's Last Stand

16. Sofa So Good

15. Hommus Where the Heart Is

14. Spray La Vie

13. Maison d'Etre

12. Cash 22

11. Lard Have Mercy

10. The Vinyl Resting Place

9. Florist Gump

8. I Feel Like Crêpe Today!

7. Junk & Disorderly

6. Denim Iniquity

5. Ash Wipe

4. Lord of the Fries

3. Me Glove You Long Time

2. Taco the Town

1. Tequila Mockingbird

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