"Da-da, Will UFOs Land Here Soon?"

Da-da's oldest just asked, "Da-da, will UFOs land here soon?" Apparently, some kids in his class were discussing it (in 1st grade?), perhaps because UFO sightings were double their regular numbers this past summer. Or their little brains are being broadcast an image of Devil's Tower, Wyoming, that they will soon be sculpting with mashed potatoes and/or shrubs and mud from the front yard. Da-da tried to give an honest set of answers, but you have to wonder why the UFO numbers doubled. If true, what are they looking for? Or is it psych conditioning from the media, driven by TV and movies? Or is it quasi-leakage from an adjacent tachyon reality? So much phlogiston. Anyway, here's what went down:
Nagurski: "Da-da, Will UFOs land here soon?"
Da-da: "Mmm, not sure. I doubt they will, officially, so that everyone knows about it."
Nagurski: "Why not?"
Da-da: "Because humans can't get along. They're tribal."
Nagurski: "Like Native Americans?"
Da-da: "Yes, but with less sense and no feathers."
Nagurski: [laughs, but how did he know this was  funny?] 
Da-da: "And no gaming licenses. You see, if there are advanced beings watching the earth, they're probably waiting for us to come together, as a group, and to stop treating our brothers as targets. [pause] Everyone is your brother. And unless people recognize the need for unity -- that is, everyone getting together -- we can't move to the next level."
Nagurski: "Isn't that what politicians do?"
Da-da: "No. All the government does is math. They divide. They multiply. They subtract. Set all that equal to zero and you've got a pretty lousy equation."
Nagurski: "Huh?"
Da-da: "Never mind. Politicians care about politics, which is who controls who and what and how much. Like who controls all the toys. Imagine how much fun that would be, being the Toy Police.
Nagurski: "But when will the UFOs land?"
Da-da: "As soon as you and your brother get along every day for a year -- and share everything. And work together. And do everything your Ma-ma and Da-da ask you to do the first time we ask."
Nagurski: "That's a long time, Da-da."
Da-da: "Right."
"Hey, you kids. Who's your Da-da?"

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