Science... er, NASA Has Fallen Asleep in the Sun. Again


Are there no agencies worthy of the public trust? In a word, NO. In two words, NO NO.

The photos here assembled are the various filter images taken off NASA's sun-observing satellite immediately after yet another 24-hour "tech glitch" blackout of their feeds -- right after an anomaly appeared at the sun's north pole:

As of this writing, the below images are the same ones NASA's been running for the past two days, same time stamps, different date stamps. Once the site went live again, Da-da quickly grabbed the latest images before NASA quickly replaced them with stock oness from who knows when.

Look at the time stamps below for each of the satellite's filters. The times are the same, while only the date changes. These typically refresh at least twice per hour...

Tao of Da-da 9: The Tie-Dyed Path is Like a Razor's Edge, So Watch Your Step


To commemorate the future publishing of this series, Da-da is re-releasing a small number. Enjoy.


Fill their bowls to the brim
and they probably won't eat.
Fill their bowls to the brim
and they will invariably spill.
Fill their bowls to the brim
and they'll ask for something else.
Stop filling their bowls up so much.
Keep sharpening your knife

and it will blunt
especially after opening all those boxes of macaroni and cheese.
Chase after free time and cleanliness
and your heart will giggle like a little girl
at your extreme folly.
Care about people's approval of your bearded tie-dye
and you will be their prisoner.

Therefore, The Tao of Da-da says:
Do your work, then step back.
The only path to serenity
is wearing the tie-dye and beard fearlessly
even if they aren't yours.
Don't look left and don't look right.
What do they know?
And don't forget the bowl thing.
[Excerpted from Da-da's unpublished book, The Tao of Da-da (or "Strong Winds CAN Blow All Day, Depending on How Much Sugar Has Been Ingested"). Void where prohibited. Serving suggestion: serve cold with lard.]


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