Da-da Dreams: Lux Aurumque

Break on through...

Da-da's dreams. They've been more and more interesting lately. Why is that interesting? Because Da-da's just an average person. No special powers per se... save for one: Da-da pays attention. Da-da is awake. Rather than explain that, he'll move on.

Last night's dream: Da-da was at some event with lots of people sitting in an audience, waiting for a show to begin. But before it could, everyone suddenly began to sing, "Lux Aurumque" (in Latin) by Eric Whitacre, a choral genius who's not a household name... yet. We were pretty good, for it being our first performance, with an audience who was us. Lux-wise, Da-da's sure you've never heard of the tune, sung a cappela, but you will. Here are the lyrics:

Lux Aurumque
[by Eric Whitacre (based on a poem by Edward Esch)]

[sung in Latin]


velut aurum
et canunt angeli 

modo natum.

[English trans.]


as pure gold
and the angels sing 

to the new-born baby. 

That baby is you, baby. Welcome.

You can hear the best version HERE, by the St. Olaf Choir in Norway, for $0.99. No, Da-da doesn't make anything off it. He just wants to help. A bargain both ways, because you are the greatest anomaly of them all.

Almost there.


A Prison Sign Unto Youse

Da-da's Curious Catalog of the Unsurprising

"Catalog," get it? Vive le chat indifference.

MARS-GATE: Mars Explosion COVER-UP & Explanation [UPDATED 8-22-14]

BOOM! What the hell was that, NASA-pants? Not that you'll ever tell us. At least now we know.

The mystery of the Martian explosion/energy release has been settled, at least in Da-da's mind. (See bottom of post.) An excellent write up of what transpired can be found HERE. The resultant explosion video is near the bottom of this post, and tha latest from Lynn the Internet Oracle is at bottom. In the meantime, watch this video from BPEarthWatch; excellent as always...

...oh, wait. You can't.

The above video has been contested by SLOOH as being in copyright infringement... Google caving in to the establishment, as usual, which hurts them in the eyes of the public, in Da-da's opinion. However, it seems SLOOH is using footage obtained from publicly funded facilities, making their data public and their copyright claim erroneous -- and frankly suspicious. This entire thing has suddenly betrayed so many as part of the MSM story machine, trying to control info to the public's detriment, exposing NASA (again), various astronomers, scientists and observatories -- as well as obvious trolls all over the internet coming out of the woodwork to poopoo this astronomical event -- not to mention the utter silence from the mainstream media and alleged "science" publications. The sudden blackout is very telling. This whole thing is a fascinating klieglight suddenly shone onto how the world really works when it comes to "science." Welcome to "Mars-gate."

So, the video showed some enormous, "magnetic energy ball" (which looks a lot like Da-da's "Death Star" from June of 2013) that may have struck Mars related to the comet. Seemed definite, but who knows? Perhaps some comets are not comets at all, but uber-dense chunks of magnetically charged star cores (neutron stars, etc.) floating around like magnetic time bombs. A serious mystery. Like living in a Larry Niven novel.

NASA's Mars site says that all their spacecraft/probes are working nominally despite this BOOM, but that's clearly impossible. Da-da's sources will have an answer shortly. SLOOH will have to say something eventually.

Sure looked like the Death Star to Da-da. (THAT'S NO MOON.) This thing swooped in from the south as the comet approached and...

And finally, here's the footage of the explosion/energy release that SLOOH can't touch.

And finally, at Da-da's request...

Lynn the Internet Oracle gives us an overview of what's really going on on the Red Planet!

Go Lynn!

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