Best Corporate Logo EVER

Hershey's new, "Makin' Poopie" logo is destined to become a big steaming pile of poopularity!
Finally, truth in advertising! (Yes, that's their real logo.)



The First Rule of Merlin Club...


[Excerpted from, "THE BOOK OF MERLIN: A Journey Through Fur and Loathing" by
A Man Called Da-da, with J. K. Rowling]

1st RULE: You do not stop petting MERLIN.

2nd RULE: YOU DO NOT STOP PETTING MERLIN. (Unless he wants you to. Or you're getting him food.)

3rd RULE: Thou shalt have no other Merlins before MERLIN.

4th RULE: If MERLIN says "PET" or goes limp, pet him until you lose consciousness.

5th RULE: One MERLIN at a time. (No cloning.)

6th RULE: Hand and eye protection. Wear it.

7th RULE: MERLIN will go on as long as He has to.

8th RULE: If this is your first night at MERLIN CLUB, you HAVE to pet MERLIN.

Merlin is merciful.


Shakespeare Mystery SOLVED

Notice that the face on the 1623 Folio is a mask? See its line along the jawline?

Rather than draw this out, let's get right to it.

Shakespeare was in actuality Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford. You can read all about it in an excellent (and the only accurate) book on the subject, Shakespeare by Another Name, by physicist Mark Anderson. If that's not enough for you, Da-da has employed what he calls the Internet Truth Barometer (the ITB), a very gifted psychic -- who's never been wrong -- on this topic and she's confirmed it. Might as well get over it. Have a nice day.

And no, Da-da received no moolah for that book plug. Da-da only peddles the truth, free of charge.
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