Autocubilogismentia Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry... Until Later

                                                                                                                                          [via There Is Always a Theory]

Oh, no. Da-da's autocubilogismentia* is ratcheting up again. This is a regretful inability to refrain from writing. About your life. On mattresses. As if you're the mattress. Da-da said it was regretful, get off him.

*"Autocubilogismentia," besides being a terrible disease, is also one of Da-da's many neologisms -- or, "words he made up." This means it's appreciated that you credit him if you plan to use it in writing, or in a performed work. This of course goes for all of Da-da's writing, as per the copyright notice and various rights thingies that are all still heretofore reserved. Da-da mentions this as he's noticed a few people (via a powerful multimedia antiplagiarism svc) lifting whole sections of Da-da's work without credit... which is not only NOT cool, it's a litigious shangri la. Let's not have to pay attorneys: it only encourages them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                [via Bristol Street Art]

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