All the Pretty Shopping Bag Trees

                                                                                                                                                                                       [All images via This is Colossal]

Da-da doesn't typically reblog, but makes exceptions for the exceptional. Behold the art of Japanese artist Yuken Teruya, who creates trees from shopping bags (part of his "Notice -- Forest" collection).
For his recent solo show earlier this year at Pippy Houldsworth, Japanese artist Yuken Teruya (previously) transformed the waste products of consumerism—luxury gift bags—into cut paper trees that rise like fragile silhouettes from inside each bag. Via Pippy Houldsworth:
Discussing how Teruya’s bags are made, Megan Ratner explains that he ‘begins with photographs of trees, which he transfers to his computer, superimposing this image on the logo-ed side of a shopping bag. Using the original shape as a guide, he deftly cuts a two-part silhouette – lower branches/trunk and leafy top – folding and twisting the two halves into the interior of the bag, rooting the trunk with a single drop of glue.’

[via This is Colossal]

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