The Importance of the Universe Has Been Greatly Exaggerated, But at Least There's Plenty of Free Parking


In light of this quasi-light, Da-da has decided to take the week off, returning sometime after next Saturday. In the meantime, Da-da encourages you to explore many of the things he's written in the past four yearson this site (and one of his books if you can find one), and prepare yourself not only for other prepositional sentences in future -- and Da-da's inexorable return -- but also for the Universe's eventual disappearance when we all stop believing in it. It was pretty crummy, anyway, but occasionally good for a laugh, and the odd free parking space, so Da-da guesses it wasn't a total loss. Anyway, have a great week and try not to take everything so seriously... which is pretty much the whole reason Da-da exists in the first place.

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