EAT AT DA-DA's (or don't and see if he cares)

In case you haven't noticed (what's wrong with you, anyway?), Da-da has added a little sidebar item on the right-hand side (beneath the pic of Da-da hanging by a horse bone stuck through his chest) that's basically the menu for the week. This changes as Da-da's mood changes, which makes it dynamic indeed. Here's the latest:
  • Thurs - Burgers got moved here as this week's menu caught fire and crashed into Haddonfield, NJ.
  • Fri - Sausage lasagna, but it depends on the weather. Da-da actually constructed it for New Year's, as the secondary lasagna to the primary. Huh? Basically, Da-da made too much so he had enough left over to make a small second. Blah blah blah. Dish to be partnered with a Ravenswood zin; always good and inexpensive. Da-da is all about frugality -- except when he makes lasagna.
Note that Bronko and Nagurski -- three and five, respectively -- have completely different palates and apparent dietary requirements, as does Ma-ma (who can't eat ANYTHING spicy, sniff)... and well, Da-da likes what he likes (SPICY). Trained as a backwoods/low country/high desert chef d'resistance, Short-order Da-da can whip up balanced and interesting indy plates of any ethnicity, simplicity or complexity, but this is inefficient, annoying and time consuming -- and costly. It makes Da-da crazy. And Da-da was already crazy. Da-da has yet to find ONE THING that the boys and Ma-ma will all eat, and frankly, he's ready to ditch that supermodel and install the Dadabot 3000, an unerring machine that will make ONE healthy meal and deposit it hot and steamy on the table for all to either eat, or not eat. You want your own special dish? Get a job and go out to dinner every night you little boogers. Da-da will be outside drinking coffee.

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