Da-da Welcomes You to the MANCESSION (Already in Progress)

You've heard of the Mancession, o'course. Well, it's true. Now that the U.S. has fallen to the ranks of Second Empire service economy, middle aged men are officially obsolete as women of all ages (and some younger men) are cheaper and better looking at providing service than old broken-down (yet stylish), bearded male veterans suffering from kid-induced Mr. Mom mania. So, grab a seat, Mr. Mom-dude, and sit with me at the back of the bus, resigning yourself to shopping for the cheapest organic spaghetti (should be $1.99), raising screaming hellions alone in the trenches, watching your beard grow ever whiter, and feeling your brain less and less (I think this is where I parked it), while your spouse careers it through delightful lunches PREPARED BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN DA-DA, trips abroad, advantageous bonus structures, and brisk, funny chats with intelligent adults. The funny thing about all this is that women are by nature better, in Da-da's humble opinion, at being BOSS MOM than most men are, excepting the odd Da-da Fezziwig, o'course.

BUT there is a bright side: a whole new career path in police Santa line-ups! (Hm, which one is Da-da?)

Ok, none of them are Da-da, BUT HE'S JUST AS FOXY. And MAN, Da-da's alien hair transplant worked with a vengeance.

Foxy Da-da is always foxy. And redundant. And foxy.

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