ALERT: An Astronomical Halloween "Event"? [UPDATE3]

Get ready to duck? Or dance around giggling like a little girl?

NOTE: Updates at bottom. Jeez, where else would they be?

Da-da's been watching planetary and heliographic flux densities for some time (he does that), and it looks like something of a higher energy event is going to happen around Halloween. It might be a good thing, or it might be a no “thing” at all. Like gnomes in your mailbox, YOU NEVER KNOW.

Da-da brings it up as he noticed the neat, 24-hour precision of the energy wave. Who knows, maybe every Halloween has a weird energy wave. We shall see.

Now, here's the projection for 24 hours later:

Interesting how many solar plasma tendrils are 24 hours wide, huh? 24 hour programming?

Note that the plasma density ramps significantly at 00:00 am UT 10/31/14 and drops at 00:00 am UT 11/1/14 -- an exact 24 hour plasma wave. (That's 8:00 pm EDT 10/30 to 8:00 pm 10/31 EDT.)

This happens a lot, o'course, but Da-da's throwing it out there to see if it's significant, considering it's Halloween and all. Wishful thinking, perhaps. Many of these energy waves pass by all the time with nary a notice from us ground pounders.

Let’s see if anything happens. The sun is, after all, a projector of sorts, and that plasma wave could carry any amount of terrestrial "programing." We might get, “DIE HARD” or perhaps (gulp), “PHANTASM.” Or perhaps, "THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES." Or nothing at all. One never knows with the sun.

An amazing topiary representation of Da-da's favorite animated feature, "The Man Who Planted Trees." Awesome.

UPDATE: Two independent sources have indicated that Da-da will be, "jumping-up-and-down-excited as a little kid" about something that's going to be happening very soon. When Da-da asked if it was something good for ALL of us, he got lots of nods. Something has been trying to tell Da-da something for the past four nights (but Da-da has been blocked by something), and this is apparently the message. What all this means is unknown, and whether this has anything to do with the above advancing plasma wave... again, unknown. But whatever it is, it's supposed to be exciting. Could it be... THE Event? Stay tuned.

Note: an "auroral wave" occurred a few days ago. Quite beautiful. Check it out. Da-da had never seen this before, and he's seen most everything.

UPDATE2: Seems the predicted plasma wave gave the earth a glancing blow, so whatever the big event is to be, it seems it's for Da-da alone. Let be be finale of seem.

UPDATE3: Ok, well... SOMETHING happened, or is in process of happening. Da-da just can't explain what. Feels like we made it over some hurdle.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but for me looks is NOT the event.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Ok. Da-da didn't say it was. He said it MIGHT be. Who knows what the telltales will be.

Anonymous said...

It's now?
Thursday, 30 October 2014, 20:21:52 EDT

Speaking of dreams... Lynn, do you see anything happening tonight, say at 8:00 pm EDT? Something global and cosmic? Or has Da-da just been at the Sacramental Wine again?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da didn't say there was *definitely* going to be an event. We're just now travelling through one of the sun's high energy plasma tendrils. It's an experiment. Experiments are not definite. It might have even been only an event for Da-da... hey! Ham!

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