Wobble Update for 3-15-15 @ 11:53 Eastern

For those in the know, the wobble has calmed a bit since last post. Note that the red magnetic pole center is approximate, and Da-da-added. It's entirely possible, and indeed probable that this activity could not only impact sunrise and sunset times in the coming months, but also tide levels, wind vectors, velocities, names of small bridges, amount of ice cream consumed by small children, chickens named MAURICE... you name it.

Note that Da-da ran three images at half a second, then paused to show the gap in time, as you can see in the bottom right timestamp. As long as the wobble's circumambulation stays in a fairly tight circle, Da-da guesses we're ok.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Karma gets dizzy during the wobble, I am also sensitive with barometric pressure changes. I've noticed this is greater during a full or new moon. I'll keep checking here to see if my symptoms pan out with the wobble.

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