Secret Societies TODAY: "Bilderbergers Just Want to Be Friends"

Bilderbergers enjoy good rapport with local law enforcement.

This just in, from Secret Societies Today... 
HERTFORDSHIRE, June 7, 2013 /SSTNewswire/ -- The second day of Bilderberg meetings in Hertfordshire, UK, went well today, with only four dead and 17 missing. A spokesman for the Bilderberg Group stated that he found the townsfolk both tender and delightful, adding: 

"The lead pellet bon-bons and friendly constabulary made us feel especially safe and welcome." 

Invitees were especially excited about the upcoming 217th Annual Bilderberg Bonfire and BBQ festivities to be held Saturday at midnight. Those small children who received special invitations are to wear black robes and are to eat only fruit the day prior. 

A Cabal spokesman later commented, through a Dementor, that all should, "watch out," for, "fun activities for all," starting on Tuesday, June 11th -- aka, "6-11" to those at Secret Societies Today. He later added, without smiling: "You have been warned." 

Similar special events planned for last summer's London Olympics had been called off due to monetary misunderstandings with local politicians. The Cabal's past activities, planned for 9-11 and 3-11 celebrations, have become not only well-known, but truly unforgettable.

Bilderbergers just want to be friends.

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