Jocular Pumpkin Loaf Spice Mass Day Llama Thing -- AGAIN

Today is Lughnasad, aka Lammas Day, aka Loaf Mass Day, marking the beginning of Lammastide, which is either the Gaelic Autumn harvest festival, or a special day to honor llamas. No idea if llamas were named such because they were used for harvesting crops, but these days who knows? Anyway, since it's loaf-mass day, Da-da's mass is loafing. He might make pumpkin spice muffins later though. Here's the recipe from last year, when Da-da was a lot funnier. Ah, well. Everything has its season. At least Da-da got to change the wreath on the house.

So, WHY does Da-da mention what some might see as an obsolete harvest festival? Two things:

1. The planet's weather is changing and shorter growing cycles of yore might become the norm, and...

2. It marks the beginning of BACK TO SCHOOL preparations! 

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee.

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