The Flow With the Go: Your Front-end Realignment

Sometimes, you just have to go with it.

Ok, Da-da better understands this now. It's some kind of realignment. For those who know what Da-da's talking about...

When you hear "the beacon," or that sudden ringing in your ears, or experience any kind of mental pressure, or an urge to meditate, try this easy set of steps. Da-da's had this happen twice now, and this is what he did. Seems to work. It even worked on Da-da's wife, and she's a bit of a skeptic. Don't ask him what all this means. Note that this might happen more than once over the next four or five days, so you might need to do it more than once.
  1. Sit upright, preferrably in the sun. The moon is fine, too. Da-da has also done this out of the sun, but the sun is faster.
  2. Face the sun, eyes closed, no sunglasses.
  3. Breathe -- normally, don't hyperventilate.
  4. Imagine a cord dropping from the base of your spine to the center of the earth. This is a grounding cord. If you're agitated, add another cord, then another, till you calm down.
  5. Any errant thoughts that are jumping around, enclose them within each breath, then imagine it dropping down your spine, down the grounding cord to the center of the earth.
  6. Breathe in fully, imagining energy coming into your head (energy points 6 &7) then exhale the energy out and down the grounding cord. Do this five times (or more if necessary).
  7. Breathe normally.
  8. After a short time, you may begin to see colors. Go with it.
  9. Breathe, as above, through the colors. With each breath, imagine each color going where it needs to go inside your body. If you feel lightheaded, slow down. There's no rush.
  10. Do this until you don't see any more colors. 
  11. Repeat this process again if you hear what Da-da calls "the beacon," or have any kind of sudden ringing in your ears, or (gentle) mental pressure.

Note: Most know this already, but chakras, or power centers, really do exist, mirroring the body's endochrine system, and run along rainbow lines: ROY G BIV. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. They run all the way through the body, front to back, and spin... in some way, but don't get hung-up on forms.

That's it. From what Da-da can tell, this is some kind of spiritual realignment, but Da-da can't tell you what it means, yet. He doesn't normally post stuff that's this out-there, but it's happening more and more... and since he was directed to, he's just gonna go with it.

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