So Long 2014 and Get Out: A Gratuitous Photo Purgative

GOODBYE, 2014, with your giant sucking sound.

GOODBYE, time anomalies.

GOODBYE, NASA fear crap. And speaking of that...

...GOODBYE, NASA. Good riddance.

GOODBYE, surveillance state.

GOODBYE, pumped-in clean-world simulations.

GOODBYE, Monsanto. Good riddance.

GOODBYE, manufactured media, "disasters."

GOODBYE, giant, unexplained puppet attacks.

GOODBYE, Illuminazi bastards.

GOODBYE, police state.

Seriously. Goodbye.

GOODBYE, hereditary rich.

GOODBYE, disingenuous media.

GOODBYE, hair-on-the-stairs.

GOODBYE, internet weight loss spam.

GOODBYE, McDonalds.

GOODBYE, banksters.

GOODBYE, sleazoid politicians.

GOODBYE, childhood as a targeted and manipulated demographic.

GOODBYE, whatever this is.

GOODBYE, 2014. Get off our porch.


Seriously. Get out.

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