"The FEAR BUS" (Sung to, "The Love Boat") -- A Postmodern Carol (#26 in a Series of 47)

Well, since "Zika" means "Ebola" in the crapola language, it's time to dust this off.

[sung to, "The Love Boat" with no apology to Paul Williams and Charles Fox]

FEAR... exciting and... pew!
Come aboard. We're expecting you!
And... FEAR, that dreaded transport.
Let it smoke... it floats back to you...
[screech of brakes and gunfire]
The FEAR BUS... soon will be making another run!
The FEAR BUS... promises horror for everyone...
Get a course on butt-clencher,
You hide from some psycho's rants...
[driver yells, someone cries]
And FEAR... will hurt evermore
[red light horn honk riff]
It's a broken smile... or a deadly snore.
[tires sing on wet pavement, explosion]
Welcome aboard the FEEEEEEARRRRR BUS!


Factually, this “emergency” Zika virus notice is so the Powers That Were have something to blame for the startling rise in birth defects caused by Monsanto chemicals and Fukushima radiation, among other things.

1 comment:

James said...

Reminds me a little of "Electric Cool Aid Acid Test" and the bus "further".

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