Earth Wobble Accelerating? What the MSM Won't Tell You [UPDATED]

Check this out. Last night, over a few hours (see the timestamp at bottom of image), the earth wobbled more than it should, as you can see in the above animation. This has been going on for almost a year, more and more. The wobble might mean lower night-time temps, causing unusually cold air masses to manifest and move around here and there, causing unusual snow or hail conditions in unusual places, sudden rain, air-currents suddenly rotating in the wrong direction... it's a world gone mad. Since the globe is wobbling more and more erratically, no one has any idea where it'll end up or what will happen. That red circle (above) is the estimated geomagnetic edge of the northern auroral donut, basically the outline of the magnetic north pole. As you can see, it's moving quite a bit. You can extrapolate the geomagnetic center if you look at it closely.

What's Causing This? 

Apparently, our solar system has a sister solar system moving past us -- one that astronomers and the authorities (who owns the former) have failed to mention in the mainstream media (who's owned by the former), for any number of reasons. This other solar system -- which, like David Lynch, has a brown dwarf at its heart -- is supposed to take something like five-to-seven years to pass by, with an apparent periodicity of approx. every 70,000 years, Da-da's been told. (There's more to it, but Da-da's not sure you'd believe him.)

What Does This Mean?

It means crazy weather. You can forget about global warming, or global cooling. Get ready for global weirding. Sure, the sun's going to sleep and solar output is a whole order of magnitude lower than it's been in a long time, and a new Maunder Minimum is sharpening its ice axe, but with the planet wobbling like a drunken sailor.... and YES, the planet wobbles in its orbit already, but that's a SLOOOW wobble, taking thousands of years. This new hitch in our giddyup takes mere HOURS.

Don't be surprised if it snows one day, is 80 degrees the next, and rains frozen slugs the day after that. OR, if enough positivity happens, to ameliorate the situation, (which looks to be the case), then there won't be much in the way of drastic change. There is the off-chance that the earth might (gently) slide around a bit and wind up with a different global angle (e.g., Maine could be closer -- or inside, gulp -- the arctic circle, while California could wind up closer to the equator)... not to mention alterations to the size of the earth's orbit, which could have days added or subtracted to the current year; let's hope the 24.25 hour day doesn't get any longer, otherwise the entire watch and clock industry is screwed. Note: if days get added to the calendar, your end-of-year-holiday just got that much longer.

Here it is with the latest image at the time of this writing. The auroral donut should be expected to shift a little, but not that much.

Is Da-da Sure About This?

Yes, otherwise he wouldn't write about it. Da-da's been watching solar system purturbations, as well as earth wobble every day for the past six months and it's getting worse. So far the only way to really tell with existing public data is to observe the auroral patterns, as well as the weird weather and temperature shifts -- yes, which are also affected by man-made as well as natural conditions.

A Most Important Note

Please don't stress about this. This is nothing to be afraid of. It just is. The sun rises over here, it sets over there. It's hot, it's cold, Da-da's hat blew into the river. Water might slosh a bit, but things change on Planet Change, mostly because the entire system is designed to. Plants may get messed up for a short time, crop harvests might be wonky, but you'll probably still have your GMO pizzas delivered in 45-minutes-or-less (well, until the global currency reset), and X-Files reruns somewhere -- and YES, you can wear your big ol' white pants after Labor Day, but bring a sweater. And an umbrella. And shorts. And a parka. Da-da only offers this info because he thinks you'll be Big People about this and not panic, unlike some governments people, who sit in vehicles idling in a bunker somewhere, feeling vaguelly apprehensive.

Um... yes we can. Pretty sure you can't, tho.

More Evidence

Northern Lights move south: Magnetic storm reveals aurora borealis
in Central Russia (Video + Photos)

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