Bronko's Monday Conundrum

Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson (formerly).
7yo Bronko: "Da-da, are those people married?
Da-da: "I think so."
7yo Bronko: "They look the same."
Da-da: "Huh. You're right."
7yo Bronko: "EXACTLY the same."
Da-da: "Some people do that."
Mr. and Mrs. Hammond (formerly).
7yo Bronko: "Why do some people marry people who look just like them?"
Da-da: "Perhaps they enjoy looking into a mirror. Looks are only an illusion, anyway."
7yo Bronko: "I'm never getting married."
Da-da: "You're set for a lifetime of peace and harmony."
Mr. and Mrs. The STIG.

Note: Da-da chose the Top Gear crew for this demonstration. Sure, there are countless celebrity iterations... but that would make us look more at celebrities so forget it.

Stare at the PLUS sign. AIIEIEEE!

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