ATTACK OF THE PHONIES... Already in Progress

The PHONIES: they're coming to ignore you!

We've had the hippies, the yippies, the moonies, the yuppies, the goonies, and the dotcommies, now we have those unfortunate souls who continually stare at their phones at all hours everywhere they go until their lives and existences have no meaning: THE PHONIES!

Every age is marked by some ultima-hackneyed term that comes to typify a generation, and this one is not only just as insipid as other stereotypical labels, it's also overdue. Da-da doesn't mean to be critical, he just wants some of you to WAKE UP, put your g*ddamn phones down and look around, at yourselves, at the world, at the people around you... and maybe put those three things together in some meaningful way.

Power down, wake up, tune in.

Or failing that, howbout, "HELLO? WHERE AM I?"

Feel free to rip Da-da to shreds in the comments section. Go ahead, he can take it. Don't forget, Da-da is just being your meta-da-da. Void where prohibited. Your future may vary -- a lot.

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