Forteana Friday: GoogleMaps Glitch-in-the-Matrix Mystery SOLVED

What is going on here?

Above is a classic GoogleMaps camera car "glitch-in-the-matrix" shot, of which there are several littered about the 'net. As he's ever-curious, Da-da independently asked two psychics to see what, if anything, was going on here. (Da-da knows what you might be thinking: he didn't believe in psychics either until one told him his life story from a, "hello." Suffice to say that some are remarkably accurate. Factually, we all have these kinds of abilities if you just give it a chance.)

Da-da gave said psychics the above image and the simple question: "What's going on in this picture? Are these two people, or the same person?" Da-da suspected this was simply two old men walking a familiar old-man route, wearing similar clothing. The results said otherwise.

The Results

Each psychic said the same thing: the above is the same man, but at different times, in what one termed a "time slip." At the time of this photo, timelines were apparently diverging; we're apparently down to two: a negative one "below," and a positive one "above." One guess how to get there.

These odd events seem to be either happening more, or we're documenting them better, as evidenced by Chris Savia's latest furry time-slip post at Who Forted? Stay tuned for more Forteana Fridays in 2015.

Note that Da-da worked with Lynn over at Focus Sessions on another Fortean Friday post. It's AWESOME.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              [img: WeirdHut]


Anonymous said...

Could ordinary hubris explain why you didn't post my comment with the simple and painfully obvious explanation for the "time slip" "glitch"? Or is it something more serious: Are you protecting your delusions with the sort of intellectual dishonesty that eventually leads to mental illness?

A Man Called Da-da said...

No, you were just rude.

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