They're HERE! Or Not. Again.


Books and movies have been trying to scare people for about 70 years regarding all things (yawn) alien invasion, esp. around Halloween, thank you Mr. Welles. But if you can stop rolling your eyes and think about such an event rationally, any extremely advanced extraterrestrial civilization wouldn't need the earth, its people, or anything on our puny backwater planet; stands a good chance that they'd be able to create whatever it is they wanted, whenever they wanted it, without our meager terrestrial resources. It's also absurd to think that any alien civ would want the earth as strategic real estate, given our planet's backwoods position in one of the galaxy's poorly formed arms -- and even more absurd that they'd want, or be able to assimilate our BBQ'd human ribs.

When Da-da comes across things like the one below, he immediately thinks:

1. It's a pre-launch movie marketing campaign
2. It's a fake-out to scare people away from looking at something else (read, MISDIRECTION)
3. It really is the truth.

So, if Number 3 is correct and the govt. shutdown was to blind our space-facing cameras and satellites so we wouldn't see enormous alien ships arriving and hiding behind the moon, there can be only one possibility for aliens to journey to the earth en masse: to chuck our pathetic leaders into prison and show the rest of us remaining humans a sustainable and sensible way to exist and coexist in this, our illusionary universe. Hello, Starfleet Academy!

Keep your fingers crossed. Or not.

AND... it looks like a comet "nearby" (450M km) just exploded.

BOOM. Don't know if these events are related, or not.

Btw, during the NASA shutdown, didn't someone at the ESA notice something going on in space with gynormous L-shaped death stars flying in single file and hiding behind the moon? They must have a few thousand telescopes too, right? And their Int'l Space Station cameras were working, were they not? And now that Da-da thinks of it, why did the authorities mentioned in the whistleblower link take the guy to an observatory in Texas, with Nomeland Security as escort? Da-da's spider sense is tingling in a BS CABAL COVER-STORY frequency.

If anyone has their portal-to-the-past gateway set up, please let Da-da know. He's pining for the Dark Ages: they made more sense.

Why The Dark Ages were so dark.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea that the space aliens have come to throw our leaders in jail.
Even better is the notion that they will string them all up by their cojones in public places for us to see which of us can knock them down with dog turds and other delectable projectiles.
Go space aliens, go!

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