Scenes From Da-da's Mind-Roasting Summer

Da-da visited one of his elected representatives today.
Overall, the meeting went well.

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alanborky said...

Da-da I don't know know if y'hinting at something because I strongly suspect y've a toe or too firmly anchored in the other domain[s] y'self but that ain't too far from how some o' the buggers look to me.

I'm a Scouse Brit and I look at Mark Carney and I see Count Dracula being put in charge of the national blood bank.


Worryingly Obama's heading strongly in the same direction so much so they make Blair look a cherub...an' 'e ain't.

Just to be clear though unlike Blair and Obama I don't think enetering the eternal merry-go-round of putting wings on stakes and launchin'em at me vampires's the answer...blood thirsty as I am meself.

The trick I suspect's to somehow reach an' wake up their original selves Sleeping Beauty style.

Aye an' there's the rub...

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