Stones of Scotland Mystery SOLVED

The one on the right looks about the size of a softball.

According to Psychic Lynn, she saw these stones used by GIANTS in a terrible game long ago:
"They were projectiles AND part of a game. Giant people, at least 7 feet tall and enormous, are throwing these balls at each other, trying to hit and hurt each other. It looks to be a malicious form of dodgeball, like shotput, dodgeball and tennis all in one, designed to cause harm to the other person. Your goal was to disable your opponents, and it would go one for an hour or more." 
No wonder the giants died out. The best is the photo/caption at the bottom.

This must've been tiny in giant hands, likea golfball to us.


Super ow.
This is best of all. Touchie-feelie humans have interpreted this into something called the "Sconestone."
Folks pass it around every year to celebrate kindness! If they only knew. It's like passing along Lizzie Borden's axe!


James said...

Came here from Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog. I like it, will be around.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Did Beach say something nice about Da-da? That was kind of him.

James said...

Yes, as I remember he did along with a big recommendation. I am a little embarrassed in that I can't find the post that sent me here, but I'm glad that it did.

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