"THAT'S INFOTAINMENT!" (Sung to, "That's Entertainment") -- A Postmodern Carol (#24 in a Series)

Da-da's reissuing a few of these, featured in Da-da's third book, The Tao of Da-da: or, "Strong Winds CAN Blow All Day Depending on How Much Sugar's Been Ingested." Enjoy.

[sung to, "That's Entertainment"]

The gown with the 'mazing markdown
Or the pants that make you dream of romance
Or the scene where the clothes all come clean!
That's infotainment!

The lights on the low purchase price
Or the bride with the bra extra wide
Or the doll that really gives it her all!
That's infotainment!

That hair-knot overwrought is simply teeming with sex
On a gay divorcee who really uses Bowflex
To develop T-Rex pecs
While a guy's playing soccer
As he oozes oz-blue blocker

The jerk pretends to have too much work
And the boss who is thrown for a loss
By the skirt who is rubbing out dirt!

The world is a store,
The store is a world of infotainment.
That's infotainment!
That's infotainment!

The doubt after the jury is out
Or the thrill when they're buying the shill
Or the chase for the font in boldface!
That's infotainment!

The claim made by folks with no shame
Of the thing made by slaves in Beijing
With a shape
That makes you look like an ape!
That's infotainment!

It might be a sleight where the clothes all come clean
With bubbles tackling rubble from a greasy machine
Some great legal use of chlorobenzene
Described with a downbeat
By stars from 21 Jump Street

The brag may be waving the flag
That's for sale even when he's in jail
Hip hooray!
The American way!
The world is a store
The store is a world of infotainment!

Get thee behind me, economy!

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