Stormageddon 2.0 Radiation Readings for Northern CA

Oh, that's shocking. Oh wait... no, it isn't.

Ok, here are the latest inside/outside radiation readings Da-da took for this latest "STORMAGEDDON" 2.0 -- that has again been hyped all out of proportion. Some wind, some rain. A trash can blew over. We will rebuild. Da-da placed his Radalert 100 geiger counter in a plastic bag to keep from contaminating the unit. Any radiation would obviously go right through the bag -- save for PLASTICONS, but those all run for Congress and are easy to spot.

As you can see, outside rad levels are only a bit higher than inside. For comparison, here are Da-da's radiation readings from STORMAGEDDON 1.0. And for those wags who dared to suggest that Da-da is a shill for the Powers That Were (!), you obviously haven't read much of Da-da's blog, not to mention his books. Ah, but his books *are* a bit of a secret, as he's not been hyping himself in this venue at all. That either tells you that Da-da either hates selling people things -- even at his own expense -- or he's just dumb. Factually, both of those could be correct.

Anyway, those are the readings. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Slightly higher than last time, but still WAY low.
[NOTE: This is only one set of readings, taken once at noon on 2-6-15. You'd obviously have to have a team of trained researchers to do a thorough study. Da-da offers this post as hopefully the beginning of people checking things out for themselves.]

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