Sir Bradley Across Time and Space: A Brad Adwers Update

Where the hell is Sir Bradley's spirit today? Da-da was surprised... and he wasn't.

The above hilariously crazy bastard, Sir Bradley Adwers (or Antlers to some), was Da-da's best friend for a good long while before... well, let's just say he's moved on. WHERE has he moved on to? Where the hell is Sir Bradley's spirit now? Is he in Heaven? Vegas? Or has he reincarnated yet, and if so, where? Well, Da-da did some digging... spiritually speaking... and here's what he found out.

Bradley the Friendly Ghost is, as Da-da writes this, hip-deep in his in-between life hanging out at WOODSTOCK in 1969! No, Da-da's not making this up. Big-Brain BRAD is groovin' atop the high watermark of music and hippy peace/love/good timey vibes and Da-da thinks that's pretty cool, esp. given all the crap that Sir B had put up with in his past life. Come to think of it, visiting Woodstock as a spirit is the ideal way to experience the event, as there were reportedly 500,000 in attendance and five bathrooms.

More later on Sir Antlers as he migrates 'cross time and space. Many thanks to Lynn the Internet Oracle.

500,000 unwashed fans in the Dog Days before Porta Potties. Luckily, spirits don't have a sense of smell.

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