NASA's Top 23 Future Redundant Project Names for a Redundant Shining Future

Yeah, Da-da doesn't care, either.

Given NASA's fine tradition for completely ignoring anything of interest (their oxymoronic probe, "CURIOSITY" comes to mind) -- or worse, airbrushing out detail that the public is apparently not ready for (read CONTROL) -- Da-da thought he might share some of the names of future NASA missions he discovered when he went through one of their filing cabinets.

Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

1. Project INDIFFERENCE [previously launched, but who cares?]

2. Project BLASÉ

3. Project YAWN

4. Project YAWN II (Legacy Project)

5. Project YAWN III (Legacy Redundancy Project II... er, III)

6. Project APATHY 8000

7.. Project GROSS EXPENDITURE [there are a lot of these already]

8. Project GROSS EXPENDITURE II [see?]

9. Project MALAISE

10. Project WHATEVER

11. Project CANARD [in export for years]

12. Project HEEDLESS LUMP [in Senate subcommittee]

13. Project HEEDLESS LUMP II [in another Senate subcommittee]

14. Project INSENSATE [already installed in all govt. offices]

15. Project FEIGNED INTEREST [see above]

16. Project SNOOZE

17. Project LASSITUDE 3000


19. Project BLINDEYE [a component in all missions]

20. Project FNORD

21. Project MENDACITY 3000 SERIES [a govt. program since 1913]

22. Project INCURIOSITY [already on Mars]
23. Project SLACKER 9000 [just a blank piece of paper in a drawer]

It landed. So, get out already.

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