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Da-da always suspected Godzilla to be a force for good.

Regular Da-da readers know he doesn't like to repost, unless it's important. This is important, the must-read of all must-reads.

Open Letter to the "Elite" Rulers

"Elites": This Letter Is Real, Your Attention Required

Brothers and Sisters of our ruling class, Royal Family members,
Bloodline Family members, Heads of State, Heads and High Officers
of Multinational Corporations, High Officers and Heads of
Banking Organizations, to you all, Greetings!

The multitudes of the world look at you with awe and wonder.

They believe what you have taught them to believe, that you are
benevolent people, always on guard to protect our welfare and to
decide and do what is best for us.

They see you as beautiful, powerful, and mysterious, they believe
that your appearance, your facade that you show to the public is
who you really are.

The media, which you own and control, and to whom you dictate the
"news" and the values to convey to the people, that media puts your
faces on the covers of magazines, your regal presences looking down
on us with compassion and wisdom beyond what we can understand.

So the public celebrates the birth of royal babies, the
inauguration of presidents and prime ministers, the choosing of
central bank spokespeople, and the coronation of kings and queens,
the heads of government agencies.

They are grateful that you and your staffs, your brilliant
scientists and your insightful economists are there to preside over
so many aspects of our lives that ordinary mortals can no longer
understand or properly manage.

They are grateful as you allocate resources, or tell us how to use
and conserve ours, to save us from the plagues and shortages that
only modern medical and economic science can overcome or prevent,
and they cheer as you decide for us where our military protectors
should be sent to save us from the invading and violent savages who
might attack us at any moment.

You are indeed celebrated and revered by our masses like gods among
us, given the power of life and death over us, along with free
reign to use our assets as you see fit, to protect us now and our
children and descendants into the future.

Millions idolize you and long to rise even to positions of your
minor servants, and thus share in the aura of your power and
mystery, as well as the physical wealth. But in all this glory of
your status among us. There is one problem.

It's What You Do

That problem is your actions, the realities behind the masks. Your
camouflage is sophisticated, complex and layered. But there are
those among us that see through at least some of the layers.

They see the Royal Family members, attending polo matches and other
high society affairs with the most meticulous of mannerisms
suitable to the upper class, but they also see those same family
members hiding child kidnapping, torture operations and eugenics
plans in the shadows beyond the reach of the limelight.

They see heads of international pharmaceutical companies, backed up
by prestigious medical organizations, announcing plans  to cure
disease with the latest miracle drug or vaccination, but they also
see the numbers of deaths these miracle drugs and vaccines are
designed to cause already calculated for each area of the world and
each demographic group to whom they will be promoted.

And they see that the more drugs and vaccines and invasive
"therapies" are used by the people, the sicker everyone gets, the
more rampant is medical drug addiction, and the more income flows
to the health care system as the population sinks farther into
disease and an unnatural, torturous process of contrived "aging"
which we are told is inevitable.

They see presidents and prime ministers take solemn oaths of office
after long campaigns full of lofty promises and the promises and
oaths are broken with disdain immediately after taking office.

They see the high level global banking representatives promising to
save the world from economic downturns, followed by not only
downturns but disasters and progressive loss of value as wealth is
transferred step by step from those who earn it to those who play
the game of the banking scam, manufacturing pretend wealth out of

They see the armies of your servants, scurrying about following you
direction to craft laws with language so deceptive as to be
unintelligible to the average person, yet full of more and more
infringements of the rights all people are endowed with at birth,
those rights which governments can at best recognize and affirm,
but which come to all people from their Creator, not from any head
of state.

Deception and Assault on Us From Multiple Directions

And these people see the skeletons in your closets, the dark side
of your activities that show you may

pretend to be our friends but are really working as our enemies,
and deadly ones at that, bereft of remorse or compassion, taking
enjoyment from our pain. Growing numbers of us are waking up to
what you are really doing to us and our world. Which you think
belongs to you.

We see that you have been systematically destroying us economically
and stealing all of our hard earned resources by way of financial
tricks. One of the most prominent of these tricks is the scam of
central banking.

You have used this maneuver to take over countries and wreck their
economies, including the U.S. and many other nations around the
world. It is a simple trick, yet your deception and skillful
promotion are so subtle that the majority of people still don't
understand how you do it, or that you are doing it at all.

Your modus operandi is to cone into a country, like you did in the
U.S. in 1913 and make a deal with those in power, who are usually
quite open to the usual bribes and threats, the carrots and sticks
that you use. You set up your own company and give it the right to
issue the country's money simply by printing it or entering numbers
on a computer.

You get the legitimate government to give its sole right to this
function to you in exchange for whatever payoffs are needed to but
the votes. This takes the country into debt as the government
borrows its money from this new exclusive money issuer called a
"central bank".

Once the process starts, the economic fate and destruction of the
country are assured, unless the central bank is abolished in time,
which rarely happens. New taxes are instituted to pay your central
bank for the borrowed currency and even then, when the inflow of
new money and its associated debt outpaces the taxes and un-payable
obligation is predictably created and you own the government which
agreed to this scandalous deal.

Deceptively labeled "free trade" agreements at the same time
guarantee the death of the very industries that keep any country
strong and in the U.S. this has turned a once strong and
independent nation of free people into a subservient land of slaves
with no way to earn our own way as a nation or to reclaim even a
piece of real national security, dependent as we have now become on
industries outside our borders, giving the rulers and bankers of
other nations the license to dictate our terms of life.

And since government uses force to control the people of the
country, you own the general population too. If the U.S. government
had been honest and not receptive to bribery or threats, you
central bank here could never have gotten started.

If the people of the nation had been awake and aware of the
incredible danger of allowing a central bank to exist, you would
have been quickly thrown out of the country, perhaps indicted for
your attempted financial coup which unfortunately has become

But neither of those conditions existed so you and your scam got in
and took root. The same scam in some variation is in play in every
country with a central bank in your system is issuing the currency.
This is exactly why Mayer Rothschild famously said "Give me control
of a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws.

How Will You Kill Us?

And now, as the time you have waited for approaches and with it
your long planned culling, you have set in motion many options.
Which will you choose What will you do to us, to remove us from
this world and have the planet to yourselves as has been your plan
since ages past?

Will you unleash one of your bioweapons on us while you hide
underground or take your antidotes, promised by your masters in the
system above you? Will you unleash deadly global weather
patterns (that are already underway), patterns you are controlling
with the chemtrails that your news minions say do not exist?

Will you unleash horrors in every land using the HAARP system,
either to cause earthquakes, tsunamis and other Earth disasters, or
simply to broadcast frequencies so intolerable that you will drive
us mad, rushing to our own destruction just to end the pain?

Will you finish us off with poisoned food, no option but deadly
GMO's and pesticides in every grocery store item, so that we die in
agony as the biotech industries' weapons tear apart our bodies from
the inside as they were always designed to do?

Or will you leave it to economic ruin already in progress to drive
us into desperate war with each other no way to get food or stay
warm (or cool) and just watch us kill each other in a
famine-induced civil war?

And there are more options you have set for yourselves. So many
more it would take many pages to list them even briefly. You are so
proud of them anxiously awaiting the time when all will be in
readiness and the decision will have been made on which ones you
choose to unleash.

1776 Still Lives

There are those among us, brave souls, informed and well read, who
understand the spirit of freedom that started America and which
burns in the heart of freedom loving people everywhere for which so
many were willing to risk their lives fleeing tyrants to come here
to live free of oppression. The spirit of 1776 still lives and
those in whose hearts this fire burns are ready to die resisting

They love their lives and their families and they have so much they
would rather do in a more peaceful world but they are ready to give
up these things to know they gave everything for freedom as a gift
to future generations.

Your Preparations For War

Yet, many of us also know that in the arena of physical violence,
you have prepared long and well.  With unending malice, arrogant
faith in your own superiority, and meticulous and organized
planning to

create and unleash your version of hell on Earth, you have
simultaneously set the wheels in motion for our demise from within
while building up your arsenal, your weapons of hell. You weaken
us, your adversaries on many fronts to prejudice the final
confrontation in your favor, as you think beyond question of

You dumb us down in our school systems. From preschool to post PhD
programs, you teach us that we as individuals are nothing, the
collective is the only one with rights, and those rights are
best determined by experts designated as such by our rulers, to
make all decisions for us.

You teach us and you teach our children that we all are stupid; you
compartmentalize our learning so understanding the big picture and
even our real history become less that a memory to us now dependent
on authorities to explain and direct our lives. You have poisoned
our water with fluoride and other poisons that hurt our bodies very
badly and hurt our minds as well so we can no longer think and feel

You poison and over process our food with toxic chemicals, you kill
the life in our soil and now you do it not just from the ground but
also from the air. Even those of us able to procure good food for
our families, fresh organic foods with live nutrients to prevent
disease and the disintegration of unnatural aging, even those
people cannot but organic air and almost nowhere is left to find it
as it once was.

While the deadly chemtrails damage our planet's natural weather
patterns, on which all life depends, The fallout from the spraying
of these high altitude flights is poisoning our soils to the point
where normal life will not exist on them and only deadly GMO
species of every type will be left to replace what used to be

You Want Us To Act First

While most of us have been busy living our lives and caring for our
families and those we love, you have spent your time preparing to
murder us all and you have built an awesome machine of destruction
that is already at work. So, I will speak for those of us that
understand why you desire us to depend on violence to set things

We know that you want to see us break under pressure and kill each
other and millions of your servants while you sit on the sidelines,
enjoying the show you have waited all your lives to see. At the
right moment, you will eliminate whoever survives, perhaps dropping
your bioweapons from the same planes that drop the slow kill
poisons on us every day.

We have gotten used to them over our heads for many years now and
at the end you can change what they drop on us from slow kill to
fast. We understand this. We know that although we will never give
up our God-given right to firearms and any kind of self-defense we
can muster. This confrontation with you will not be ultimately won
that way.

Even in "victory," if such were allowed us by Providence, most
would die in the process or wish they had. It is not a road of
choice, if other options exist.

And exist they do, but not where you have been looking. I will tell
you what they are, but first, a few words to specific groups.

Your Choice Lies Before You

To those working in your myriad of bureaucracies, we understand
your need to feed your families and take care of yourselves the
best you can. We do not ask you to leave your jobs. But we ask you
to become quickly conscious of the effects of your work
personally.You are individually responsible for anything you do in
the performance of your duties, and you must look for creative ways
to prevent harmcoming to others as a result of what you do in your
job. Where there is a will, there is always a way of some kind, if
you are determined.

Join with others in your organization who care about the future of
humanity and educate yourselves about what your agency really does
and what are the effects on people's lives. The time to follow
orders blindly, caring not for the results in others' lives, if it
ever really existed, is definitely over now. Time is short for
humanity if a change does not happen very quickly.

We invite you to be part of that change, finish what remains of
your life with pride by becoming aware of the implications of your
actions, and do what will best serve humanity.

Military and Police

The same applies to police and military personnel, and you will
have to face the choice in a unique way as you are asked to
physically and violently turn against your brother and sisters,
against your neighbors, against those who trusted you to watch out
for them. You will be asked to use force against them, to put them
into the concentration camps that are now staffed and ready and you
will be asked to hurt them and to kill them; men, women and even
the little children.

You are being trained and conditioned to that end now. You must not
obey these illegal and immoral orders and you must do what you can
so that others will not commit these atrocities either. You have
all taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and you
must honor your oath.

 Join the Oath-keepers organization and let God and the world know
you will not betray your sacred promise or turn you back on you
country to follow illegal orders. The time has come for you to be
true to your higher purpose, come what may.

Your job is to protect, not to betray. Be true, and help bring your
country back to life, as a place of personal freedom for all. Let
the camps remain empty, let the sound of freedom ring out above the
chaos and bring back peace.

Even Not To Act Is To Make Your Decision

To every man and woman totally immersed in your daily routines as
this drama unfolds, educate Yourselves and awaken. Turn off the
television, permanently and escort it from your home. In place of
its urging to live the most superficial life possible, addicted to
medical drugs and the latest style, listen to real news to learn
what is happening around you.

Infowars.com and naturalnews.com are some of your best daily 
full spectrum globally televised radio and print news and they will wake 
you up enough to know which others are also telling the truth. Learn the
truth about health care and how to take care of your body. This
will help clear your mind and remove the fog. [Da-da note: there 
might be better sites out there, like Veterans Today.]

Most disease, sickness and premature aging can be prevented and
even cured if you learn the basics of detoxification and
nutritional modalities that also use sunlight, fresh air, clean
water, Earthing and positive mental and emotional redirection. Heal
your bodies.

The way to do this and live free from disease in good health until
death has been known well for thousands of years. Rediscover it.
Teach your children at home or in local group facilities with other
parents, to save them from the ravages of public and even many
private schools.

They are the future of the world; do not lend them to the
government brainwashing facilities which are like throwing the
finest diamonds into rock crushing equipment. You brought them here
now do what they need you to do and live a life that will inspire
them to be true and to love and serve others. It is you
contribution to eternity not an interruption of your time.

Persons Running Corporations, Banking, Media, Government Agencies ­
You Are All Deceived

To heads and officers of corporations, banks and government
agencies, media outlets, you may have been thinking what you do to
others, especially if indirectly, does not matter, as you are only
here to promote your own interests, and those few other people you
may care about. You may be thinking you are in a position of great
power, a member of the privileged "elite."

Listen carefully, and take this very seriously. You have made a
false assumption, and have bet your life unwisely. Those in the
power structure above you have made you thinkyou will be saved when
most of humanity will be "culled." They lied to you. As soon as
your usefulness to them is finished, and it will be soon now, you
will be thrown aside like the worthless trash they think you are.
You have an opportunity because of your position, but it is not the
one you think. Your opportunity is to use whatever power you have
in your position to make sure the evil agenda of destruction is
stopped, and does not complete as planned. You once knew you had a
heart. Once long ago, you cared for others. Once long ago,
you played as a child, with no awareness that you would stray onto
a path of evil and harden your heart.

This is your turning point.

This is your wake up call. Your time is short. Use your power. Use
it to block the implementation of martial law, the mistreatment of
your fellow human beings, the spreading of division by race, class
and the other imaginary dividing lines between people, and in all
areas, the broadcasting of false information.

Much hope lies with those in positions of power who remember
themselves as they once were, become human again, and use their
intelligence to help turn the tide. You can be part of that. You
can start to redeem yourself now, before your life is ending, and
make your gift to humanity. That power is in you still, and no one
can stop it, if you allow it to come back to life.

Even the Families Themselves Must Reconsider

Heads of State, Bloodline family members, Foundation leaders, hear
me now.  You are all thinking your are among the elite to be saved,
for whom the world will become a private and personal playground.
A few human slaves or just robots are to serve your every need and
desire, and instead of dying you are to merge with machines in a
kind of hybrid human ­computer immortality.

This is your wake up call. You have been lied to by those who issue
your directives. You are not the top level of this structure, there
are those above you. We are well aware of them, their motives and
their real plans. They do not plan to save ANY humans. They know
that you cannot become immortal by the grace or use of a machine.

They laugh at you for believing that nonsense, and consider you
idiots.  When it is time for you to die, nothing can stop that,
even a computer.  Let that truly sink into your consciousness. You
are not to be saved by those above you. You are to be thrown away
as garbage by those who have deceived you all these hundreds and
indeed thousands of years.

The motive at the top of your system is pure malice, not a new
world, but annihilation, followed when your life is over, by the
stored and recorded results of your actions, which you will finally
realize when it is too late. Your only hope is to change your paths

You do have a real chance to come back to human status, and to
reconnect with your hearts, but time is short and you must make
your decisions now. Do not take your last minute opportunity
lightly, but muster all the power and will that you can, and give
your best effort to help humanity now. Make up even a little for
all you have done in ignorance and trusting in evil, which is about
to destroy you.

Your brothers and sisters need you now, and the fable that you are
other than one of us was always a Lie. Dwell on this in your
hearts; throw away violence and fear and separation from your
fellow beings. If enough of you turn away from the violent and
heartless plan, you will help to save not only the rest of
humanity, but yourselves also. Do not miss this chance, as it can
save your life. Now you know the "option" I referred to earlier.

It is an option for those of us who will give our lives for the
cause of love and freedom, and to bring back a place we love. That
option is, instead of hatred and fighting you, we can first give
you an honest invitation to change, to join us, to play your part
in saving our world and yourselves in the process.

How Strong Are You? Can You Turn From Your Own Destruction Or Not?

In closing, there are many who are ready to die to resist the final
culling of humanity, and to give their lives for our last chance to
return to freedom, the respect for life and nature, the return of
love and healing of our world. But they know that if the final
planned conflict actually occurs, most or all of us may not make it

In addition, those with the most inner maturity understand that war
is not the way to healing, even if everyone is convinced they are
fighting for what is right.

We have a last chance to mount our campaign not on violence and the
desire to kill the servants of evil, but on universal Love, and the
desire for even the current servants of evil to wake up and come
back to us as our brothers and sisters, to turn from the path of
darkness, and help us at this time of greatest need.

Stop the evil plan, which will otherwise betray you as well, and
let your defection from its ranks help grind the gears of evil to a
halt.  If you are reading this, the offering of peace, of love, of
return to your deeply buried real self is being offered to you in

Thank good fortune you have yet this chance, this one hope to turn
while there is time and a chance for you to serve.  Your dark
masters have deceived you, one and all.  They have no qualms about
terminating you as soon as your temporary usefulness is over, and
that will be soon.  Your real family is offering you a chance to
come back.

Thousands or millions of former servants of the dark side, turning
away from their deceptive masters, could change the outcome of this
play. To paraphrase a famous movie line, we know there is good in
you so we had to try.

Do you have the incredible courage it would take to turn at the
last minute to light and real service, or are you truly already

The decision is yours, consider well.

By Richard Sacks


Lighten up.

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