Da-da Dreams: Lux Aurumque

Break on through...

Da-da's dreams. They've been more and more interesting lately. Why is that interesting? Because Da-da's just an average person. No special powers per se... save for one: Da-da pays attention. Da-da is awake. Rather than explain that, he'll move on.

Last night's dream: Da-da was at some event with lots of people sitting in an audience, waiting for a show to begin. But before it could, everyone suddenly began to sing, "Lux Aurumque" (in Latin) by Eric Whitacre, a choral genius who's not a household name... yet. We were pretty good, for it being our first performance, with an audience who was us. Lux-wise, Da-da's sure you've never heard of the tune, sung a cappela, but you will. Here are the lyrics:

Lux Aurumque
[by Eric Whitacre (based on a poem by Edward Esch)]

[sung in Latin]


velut aurum
et canunt angeli 

modo natum.

[English trans.]


as pure gold
and the angels sing 

to the new-born baby. 

That baby is you, baby. Welcome.

You can hear the best version HERE, by the St. Olaf Choir in Norway, for $0.99. No, Da-da doesn't make anything off it. He just wants to help. A bargain both ways, because you are the greatest anomaly of them all.

Almost there.

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