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UPDATE 10-20-14: A few sources are reporting that the ebola meme was created "as a negotiating tactic to pressure the Asians by threatening to use the fake pandemic as an excuse to cut off all global trade and travel. The ISIS campaign was an implied threat to cut off the flow of Middle Eastern Oil." Apparently, some deal has been reached (the Fed goes bye bye, int'ly and the US Treasury takes over, domestically), and ebola and ISIS memes will begin fading from the public eye.


For those who follow Da-da (in case you haven't seen this), he considers the following as MUST READ-y as it gets. Several sites have been taken down because of it. Absorbing the following info and passing it around will help insure that, not only will this balloon have nothing in it at launch time, but also those who created it will be caught, publically outted, and incarcerated.

Before you poo poo this out of hand, doesn't it seem strange that we're not hearing any election hysteria the way we normally do around elections, with a big election a few weeks away? That alone should tell you something isn't normal.

Check it out for yourself. This makes for great theater.

(Veterans Today) This is what we have reason to believe:  There is an organized terror plot on behalf of financial entities to spread Ebola through the United States.  We believe airlines and hospitals are part of it, that Homeland Security and the TSA are involved.
I look on this as an analog of the “Crotch Bombing” in Detroit, Christmas some years ago when a filthy, mumbling and penniless (son of a millionaire CIA asset) Nigerian flew from Yemen to Ghana to Nigeria to Amsterdam to Detroit without tickets, a passport or visa, luggage or even a recent bath.

He flew first class.

At some point during his trip, airport security officials gave him a bomb, we believe at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Today, the same thing is going on.  We have information through private communication with a well known and sometimes maligned foreign intelligence agency that the US has been targeted.

Rather than use a weaponized Ebola strain, people are being purposefully infected with Ebola.  As to who they are and why they allow this, there could be many reasons.  I don’t care if they are jihadists, Boko Harum, mind controlled or whatever, that question and questions like it have conveniently been an excuse for blocking investigations and prosecutions.

We do not know for certain if this involved profit related to vaccinations but we do know that it involves the upcoming US election, oil price fluctuations and manipulation of the US stock markets.

Billions have been lost during the last 10 days but, more importantly, hundreds of billions will be made in what is now a pure “pump and dump” at the hands of the “grand cartel” that Preston James speaks of so often.

Today, Turkish tanks fired on Kurdish position defended by US air support inside Syria.  The Turks are now fighting openly on the side of ISIS.  Earlier to day, the Turks hit Kurdish positions inside Turkey and Syria with American built F 16s while denying the US the ability to use its own NATO bases inside Turkey.

The timing of the Ebola scare coincides with these actions and those behind ISIS, the Murdoch/Fox media group, the Koch Brothers, key leaders of the American right, McCain, Graham, along with the Bronfman and Giuliani groups, supported by Qatar and the Saudi Royal family and the Likudist mobsters in Israel are a good guess.

What is required is broad control over international travel, the media and the ability to move infected personnel into the US, using airlines but also human trafficking methods that Las Vegas and Macao casino bosses know very well, this is how Ebola is now being spread.

We estimate that as many as 5000 Americans have now been exposed to Ebola.
We are asking security personnel to record tail numbers, though the CIA doesn’t always use them, of private aircraft used to transport “disease vectors” into the US and Europe.
We have confirmations that this is being done.  We do not have confirmations as to all involved but we do know the US is targeted and that the intent is to kill as many Americans as possible to undermine social cohesion and destroy whatever confidence the American people have in government.

We have traced financial operations behind this to Switzerland, UBS as handler of operational funds, and a number of CIA contractors as “prime movers.”
This is entirely a move from the political “right” and we have traced direct involvement to members of the Murdoch/Fox groups.

The Ebola scare, which we fear will become something far more sinister than a simple “scare” also is paralleled by a nuclear terrorism scare as well perpetrated by the Murdoch/Cheney consortium on behalf of the Al Qaeda operational group of former CIA, Mossad and Saudi intelligence officers.

My personal recommendation is to close US borders, stop all Africa travel, make medical checks on all air travel mandatory.

By closing borders, I mean “shoot to kill” on the Mexican border based on the nature of the threat.

Then we take a look at those involved, the oil and fuel futures manipulation, the market and currency games and stop the lying about ISIS.

Time we started jailing some, killing more and enforcing some of the real laws left.

Source: Veterans Today

The cabal is out of money. Thus, this is a last-ditch attempt. Be safe.


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