White Line Fever and California's (Artificial?) Drought

Hm. What is going on here?

Ok, the above loop is Pacific weather from 9-24-14. There are a couple of things to look at:

1. Find the 40th Parallel (40N/140W) intersection in the middle of the screen and follow the latitude line to the right till it hits land. See where the weather is hitting the coast? Look carefully. See the white lines darting in the opposite direction to the approaching wind, on the edge of the weather system?

2. Now track WEST (left) from the 40N/140W intersection and look at the approaching storm. Look at the sea ahead of it. There's nothing there, right? Now check this out:

Here's today's (9-25-14) weather. Look at the aforementioned spot at 40N/140W. See the darting white lines? Moving faster than clouds and wind have a right to move? That because those aren't clouds caused by wind, any more than the ones were in the previous loop. What's going on here?

Well, those little white lines could be aerosoled metallic particles dispersed by jet aircraft in the upper atmosphere, the particles then heated from two or more energy locations (yes, HAARP), those little pieces of metal in the air absorbing the triangulated energy and heating up the atmosphere in that area. Yes, of course they can do this, but what else could be goingdoes this do? It could seed clouds, trying to make rain. Or it could defeat HI/LO pressure weather systems, basically keeping rain from the west coast. Thus:

HAARP in action. Note Fig. R.

But it's tough to know which is the case. It did rain recently in N. CA, but was that intentional, an accident, or simply natural? Another unanswered question: if they could, WHY would the U.S. Govt. work so hard to keep rain from the West Coast? You can revisit the reasons HERE.

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